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Digital Densities:
An Attempt At Contextualizing
The Ongoing Ungoing Story of Being In Cyberspace
by Mark Amerika
        world multi e  but m
   practices sampling  particularly collage
              net the  connected
             artist c  associates t
                 we p  r
       forever a self  in flux What creative or a
            art art a  making a
arising network art w  as narrative is
           other tend  technological engineered behaviors we
           d so art o  there called literary and
        potentially n  subversive
             ago we s  the r
            space e v  will e
          artist even  are
            g world o  We once
           s work mix  as in progress
             author i  when
                Net e  In
                 in e  One
              Net n h  Object Is t
               work w  publishing

               self u  reflexive
           once bound  novel idea
    active generation  collage author
           late Every  capitalist
            source of  code appropriating
           book law r  media is
                him s  her
   spectrum post work  This novel narrative
Web scenario author p  In the cum virtual artist
           Avant of o  Pop surf sample manipulate a
            updated w  Net
      interactive the  participants
 electrosphere course  Of Neo
       Luddite brow u  high
          Important h  maybe
                 body  s

           Alt print r  X oriented
          text 1993 an  environment Alt X to
       streams ability  n web art new has
century example should  networked environments for why
                 art r  art still away
               state o  of the art
                name a  or
          which art it  not implacably

        t Lanham Word  o It in say
        in literature  This books
            framework  the
           Futurism m  Dadaism Lettrism Situationism
           art says t  has the
                 in i  can
           alphabet i  s icon
disturbing Subenick r  Perhaps in
   realities itself l  beyond to
l powerful activity u  o writing text c the
         literature c  beyond
          print built  based

             and W l  as J T M
     artifice nature  the sometimes
          illusion s  sometimes
immediacy Studies In  By Being
              asks r  in
      Theory absence  if
      installation z  Alt X
             see see  e how and

            questioned i  challenged d
        says traditional  the conventional fixed and
                itself p  through in
 Introduction Mitchell q  has s
          Federman eye p  in opening Surfiction Four
d writer technology must  s And and who
         writing reading  renew

                        Alt e  X
         critiques curatorial  streaming
language constructions says t  visible keynote state
                    develop u  and
                    o o space  icon graphical

                   art this t  Most appreciators for
                     the mode  dominant
              establishment e  can
                  space art m  d physical how appreciators
                        pages  dynamic anti aesthetic
construction institutionalize  yet
    say pages institutionally  300 in support
                 or yet novel  i worse stand in E
                      objects  l

 e work Jackson Body fiction t  Patch G s blends a
                         net u  artists work in progress
called Exhibitionism situation  Creative a
                   Hyper Alt g  X X which
               user to Hyper u  can Our X
                             p  vis a vis
                    of explore  intend
              biography self t  confession portaiture
       interactive participant
                   web culture

                     k d  art
                 brand r  name
             network Big  value
                artist r  responsible
          to shareware e  Exclusive F
                itself t  Have
licensing sale later the  Love Sooner questions
             addressed e  and
             to object o  Does forever
                 build h  on subtract from
                  Alt to  X

       n t  the
   I Alt a  v X
engineer u  but
  s that t  it s in

Digital Densities:
An Attempt At Contextualizing
The Ongoing Ungoing Story of Being In Cyberspace

by Mark Amerika



© 1999 Warnell