Topic is Poem by Nari MECHANICALBRIDE [SU 12 MR 00]
    [1151] *** echo has joined #defib
           <echo> hi guys!
           <echo> its beth.
    [1152] *** echo has left #defib
           <Surd> Hi Beth!
           <Surd> Hi Ted
    [1153] <Surd> Anything you want me to do?
           <Surd> I have the url which I will give out.
    [1154] *** bethg has joined #defib
           <Surd> Hi there
           <bethg> hey. i got kicked off
           <Surd> Give the grrl a towel
           <Surd> Here's a towel, luv
    [1155] <bethg> splish splash
           <Surd> Wave hit the dingy
           <Surd> I have me mIRC seatbelt
           <bethg> waves always hit this dingy.
           <Surd> this that and everything
           <bethg> i prefer to live dangerous!
    [1156] <bethg> full speed ahead
           *** steve_d has joined #defib
           <Surd> Hi Steve
           <bethg> and damn theseatbelts!
           <steve_d> hi all
           <Surd> ehehe
           <Surd> What's up, Steve?
           <steve_d> hi jim
           <bethg> i've been overboard , steve.
    [1157] <Surd> The dingy gets hit by a wave occasionally
           <bethg> the dingy hits a wave ocassionally
           <steve_d> a marine theme again?
           <Surd> Little boat in a big ocean
    [1158] <bethg> the littlest tugboat
           <steve_d> bobbing along
           <Surd> whale powered
           <bethg> singing a song
           <steve_d> chuga lugga choo
    [1159] <Surd>
           <Surd> Have you seen that page?
           *** mez has joined #defib
           <mez> hello?
           <bethg> hey its mez!
           <Surd> Mezzie, youse an early Aussie!
           <bethg> hi mez!
           <mez> am i?
           <mez> good:)
           <bethg> hugs to the aussie!
           * mez hugs all and text stumbes her way around
    [1200] <mez> am drinkin tea 2 try N wake up:)
           <bethg> more coffe, here, let me pour you a cup.
           <Surd> more coffee for me too!
           * mez thanx bethg pro.fuze.lee
           <bethg> zing
           *** etree has joined #defib
           <mez> i couldn't sleep lazt nite *pout*
    [1201] <bethg> how do i do the narrative like that?
           <mez> heya etree
           <bethg> everdeen!
           <Surd> you type /me and then whatever
           <bethg> hey, everybody, this is everdeen tree.
           <mez> beth, u kneed to type "/me" then woteva u like to say
            without the quotes
           <bethg> ok, thanks.
           <PbN>  (V)|3    (V) e < ++ /\ |V ! < /\ |_ |3 |7. ! |> e
    [1202] * bethg hugs all around.
           <mez> wow
           <PbN>          n s c b ircc i' c n w - .del- ' u o .list [00180]
           <Surd> Welcome to MECHANICALBRIDE.
           <PbN>                          r n acc< >n a (0)m @ acc< [00179]
           <PbN>           >]i ' , .y .note:p c s .EXAMPLE:/ c s se [00178]
    [1203] * mez moves sligtlee 2 the left, her jointz creakin and veils
           <bethg> 'ola! ted d!
           <PbN>                    / c s < - >EXAMPLE:/ c s mlockc [00177]
           <mez> PbN is ted??
           <mez> lo ted
           <Surd> That'd be he.
           * bethg love the texture of mez's veil.
           <PbN>                    @ . v ircc irc(pc):1.l irc2.u f [00176]
           <mez> izz thizz the part where we b quiet?
           <PbN>             (ie4 , n 4 ).t . - . 5.f p ( ) 66676.l [00175]
    [1204] <PbN>                                ' .7.c a 8.c c ircs [00174]
           <Surd> I don't think the rulz are yet written.
           <PbN>                           c -descu -set< >desc< >u [00173]
           <mez> ok, juzt checkin
           <PbN>                     >-vop< >del< >-vop< >list-vop< [00172]
    [1205] <bethg> whew! quiet is hard for me.
           <PbN>                    cleanc -aopu -aop< >add< >-aop< [00171]
           <mez> 1nce did an online chat with mark amerika and he wanted
            us all to shuttup and just lecture.was quite funni actualli
           <Surd> Anybody familiar with Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare
            By Her Batchelors, Even.
           <bethg> almost immpossible.
           <PbN>                         >]-sop< >wipe-sop< >cleanm [00170]
           <mez> oh yesh surd, am n-deed.
           <bethg> nope.
           <Surd> Do tell.
           <PbN>                          irct h w h w y l ?c c s c [00169]
    [1206] <bethg> up untill last year i thought du champ was a boxer.
           <bethg> please do.
           <PbN>                  :/ c s vop# addenigma/ c s vop# a [00168]
           <bethg> tell, that is.
           * mez m-magines flickering states of flight, ss.cendencee, a
           <PbN>                         p @ . c -setusage-set< >[< [00167]
           <mez> bethg>.seriously.?
           <PbN>            :/ n s set< >c -accessusage-accesslist- [00166]
    [1207] <bethg> yes, decided it was 'rocky du champ.'
           <PbN>         c s c :accaccessakickopdeopvoicedevoiceinv [00165]
           <mez> hold on PbN, is there a key to a break into yr lineic
           <bethg> hahhahahaha
           *** etree has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
           <PbN>             del2/ c s akick# list/ c s akick# wipe [00164]
           <PbN>                        .l a o .EXAMPLE:/ c s deop# [00163]
    [1208] <mez> c s c : ack.cess ah kik deopped and deflowered? [00164]
           <PbN>                     .l u o .EXAMPLE:/ c s count# c [00162]
           <Surd> mostly sys codes from irc, yeah
           <PbN>                         @*. . / n s access j k / n [00161]
           *** tom has joined #defib
           <PbN>                    cleanc -uopu -uop< >add< >-uop< [00160]
           <Surd> Hi Tom!
    [1209] <mez> ______________________________.low allowance option.
            EXAMPLE:/ counter strike deoptioned N opened#[00159]
           <PbN>                            aop .add- a c s , .wipe [00159]
           <mez> juzt thort i'd hava a go, hope that's ok ted
           <PbN>                              (+ ) .EXAMPLE:/ c s # [00158]
           <mez> hello tom
           *** tom is now known as tomb
           <tomb> hello all
           <PbN>                       o c :releaseinfoaccEXAMPLE:/ [00157]
           <Surd> deep nick, tom
           <bethg> hi tom bell!
    [1210] <PbN>                  .EXAMPLE:/ n s releasej a m p c - [00156]
           <PbN>                passwd 4 c -idenitfyusage-identify< [00155]
           <PbN>        s accesswipej | c -identifyusage-identify[< [00154]
    [1211] * bethg stares in wonder at the lines of code spilling out
           <Surd> So you say Mark wanted everyone to shut up so he could
            lecture. Did it work?
           <PbN>        e/ c s sop# cleanc -registerusage-register< [00153]
           * mez starts freeforming ideerz as 2 the formulation N structure
            of the op linez
           <Surd> Or is the medium otherwise?
           <PbN>               voice# j c -devoiceusage-devoice< >< [00152]
           <bethg> echos
           <mez> no, i thort it waz profoundly unsucessful, and quizzed him
            as to the purr.pose of an online lecture without interaction...
           <PbN>     u .n w - c i irc d j c -inviteusage-invite< >i [00151]
    [1212] <Surd> thought so...
           *** randy has joined #defib
           <PbN>          EXAMPLE:/ c s set# topiclock c -restrictu [00150]
           <mez> to be fair to him though, he started with a story that he
            didn't want interrupted, i thort it was a rather archaic view
            of an online presentation...
           <PbN>     INTER[e]RUPTION
           <Surd> yes, it's a leaping thing...
           <PbN>             s dropw c -releaseusage-release< >[ ]i [00148]
    [1213] <PbN>                c s invite# c -mdeopusage-mdeop< >r [00147]
           * Surd /you and /me
           <mez> i think it was part of the australian ensemble-chora
            lectures/chats..waz a while ago...
           <PbN>                 ao /so email-s showemail-h mlock-m [00146]
           * Surd not just /me
           * mez thinks the zame:)
           <PbN>         .EXAMPLE:/ n s recoverj k m p c -ghostusag [00145]
    [1214] <PbN>                     .EXAMPLE :/ c s unban# me/ c s [00144]
           <Surd> I see Ted's been looking into all the irc commands.
           <PbN>                  unban# allc -countusage-count< >t [00143]
           * mez wanderz thru the archives of the datahblind, linez
   in2 consciousnezz, a code here, a typoh there....
           <PbN>              vop-v aop-a c s # c -vopu -vop< >add< [00142]
    [1215] <mez> yesh n-deed
           <mez> bethg, u still there?
           <PbN>                  c s aop# list/ c s aop# wipe/ c s [00141]
           <tomb> nice piece, ted
           <PbN>                              c s .l a o .EXAMPLE:/ [00140]
           *** mez changes topic to 'MECHANICAL BRIDE_ING'
           <bethg> yep, still here, mez
           <PbN>                             uo ,vo ,ao ,so , akick [00139]
           <mez> [hope u don't mind jim N ted]
           <bethg> code is slippin and trippin my mindd.
    [1216] <tomb> slip sliding away
           <mez> bethg>cool:)
           <PbN>                   ghostw m p c -dropusage-drop< >u [00138]
           <Surd> I had changed it to today's topic... guess it hiccuped.
           <PbN>                          sop< >del< >-sop< >list[< [00137]
           <PbN>        .EXAMPLE:/ n s identifyn bm p / n s identif [00136]
    [1217] <bethg> the more you near your destination
           <PbN>   .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# url :// . .ntify-a recover-s [00135]
           <Surd> Part of Ted's idea here today is to do Defib as something
            other than the usual.
           <bethg> the more you slip sliding away.
           <PbN>                 url-a u r secure-s ' mreceipts-t m [00134]
           <PbN>           set# mlock+ c -identu -set< >ident[on|of [00133]
    [1218] <bethg> ted is always something mor ethan the usual:o)
           * mez conjurrz a pack of mechanical-bride-shuffled systemz and
            jumbled ircwishez, watchez them melt and glide aXXross the
           <PbN>            n ss access# c -akickusage-akick< >add< [00132]
           <PbN>                    c s # j | c -deopusage-deop< >< [00131]
           <Surd> Looking at the medium itself, the neath text, apparently,
            the commands... we talk to one another here but we also command
            a rumbling machine neath as we speak...
           <steve_d> pacific toto trebly home
           <PbN>                n s < >c -registerusage-register< > [00130]
           <steve_d> trebly home tree tea christ
    [1219] <PbN>                :/ m p c -recoverusage-recover< >[< [00129]
           <mez> surd>> yup...breaking open the kode and c-ing wot seepz
           <steve_d> tea christ tunnelling main
           <bethg> the machine writes a subtext?
           *** etree has joined #defib
           <steve_d> turnpike tag my turnpike tag
           <PbN>                            -uop< >cleanm u o .o so [00128]
           <mez> love the ideer of critiqueing an online performance piece
            like feedback....
           <steve_d> my toils train toils train
           <bethg> everdeen, its great to see you here!
           <PbN>                .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# founders c -url [00127]
           <bethg> and randy!
    [1220] <Surd> Ted's picture shows a machine of sorts, the Duchamp piece
           <etree> hi beth!  am I really here now??
           <steve_d> urbanite vicious antisocial
           <PbN>                 vop# list/ c s vop# wipe/ c s vop# [00126]
           <steve_d> search green wren whisper
           <bethg> yes, you are !
           <bethg> or there.
           <PbN>                    descp s r c -passwdu -set< >pas [00125]
           <steve_d> whisper whiz whiz mouse
           <mez> [how do u think it echos the BSBBHBachelors, jim?]
           <steve_d> graceful wondering central
           <PbN>               c t b irc i r c .ii j ,.i , n s h .t [00124]
    [1221] <steve_d> wondering wry flood aflood
           <PbN>                        .o so clean,wipe,add del.uo [00123]
           <steve_d> go gorilla airlines
           <bethg> or drought.
           <Surd> machine and context
           <PbN>                      clean,wipe,add del.uo list.uo [00122]
           <Surd> mechanism and the human
           <steve_d> misc amber amber marble
           <Surd> And wondering about art
           <PbN>                                .list- a o , .wipe- [00121]
           <mez> and repititon purrhaps? and offering meaning clues not
            quite fitting into the established?
           <steve_d> breathe anemone violet
    [1222] <PbN>                        .EXAMPLE :/ c s sop# addw / [00120]
           <steve_d> anemone violet omelette
           <Surd> Who is etree?
           <PbN>                      c s sop# add*! @*. . / c s so [00119]
           <mez> i mean, here we all are, offered a text show of the irc
            underdark, the re-written code, the code made fictionalized
           <steve_d> earthling banana banana
           <bethg> jim, this is everdeen tree, a friend of mine from trace.
           <PbN>                  rmemolevelurldescemailpasswdf - : [00118]
           <mez> hello etree!
           <etree> etree?  me?
           <steve_d> atomic bee atomic penlight
    [1223] <etree> Hello mez
           <bethg> everdeen, this is the always lovely jim andrews
           <PbN>               swd< >< >t c .EXAMPLE:/ c s mkick# c [00117]
           <etree> Jim Heoolll
           <steve_d> citizen big at big at
           <Surd> Cool
           <bethg> and tome beel
           <PbN>            .t me , a o , .w s mforward-f ' EXAMPLE [00116]
           <bethg> bell, sorry tom
           <steve_d> i blue noblesse blue
           <bethg> and randy adams.
           <PbN>                       .t :acc< >< . - . :66675.l p [00115]
    [1224] <steve_d> noblesse blacken blacken
           <etree> chiming bell? charming :)
           <mez> [ luv the inter-spersion of the actually [wo]manifestation
            of wot the sys commandz allow, the chat itself, b-ing woven
            b-tween the linez...
           <bethg> pbn =ted warnell.
           <Surd> Welcome all to MECHANICAL BRIDE.
           <PbN>                , , must .a s .d , .9.o , "# " "/ # [00114]
           <randy> no idea what's happening here, but i am here/there
           <steve_d> cyber bossa cyber boulder
           <PbN>             " .i , ircfaq :// ).8.c s p .s 98. , y [00113]
           <Surd> There is the perspective of us talking here, and then
            there's the perspective of someone reading this later.
           <etree> hello randy
           <bethg> we are part of a work in process/progress
           <steve_d> lucent caboose lucent canoe
           <mez> ...we all must n-dicate our viewer stator/us or
            ack.nowledgment ]
           <PbN>             98. 9.c c 10.a , c -infousage-info< >s [00112]
    [1225] <bethg> writing ourselves into teh process, the machine
           <etree> proce/gress
           <steve_d> canoe cup cam cloche
           <PbN>                 .t vop .add- v o , / o .del- ' a o [00111]
           <randy> always through so myself ;-)
           <etree> pro-egress, then out of machine?
           <PbN>                        f c s a set :restrictfounde [00110]
           <steve_d> cloche of chunk megabyte
           <tomb> ted, how do i  change the code?
           <bethg> mez?
           <steve_d> bit chunk bit chassis
           <PbN>             ,c s . s c -accessusage-access<# >< >t [00109]
           <mez> sure Surd, the shadow od the retriveal textual process...
            non-participants reading and ab.sorbing the comands that
            govern, the chat that evolvez...
    [1226] <steve_d> chassis before chicanery
           <tomb> is it possible or set
           <PbN>                   n s h c -helpusage-help< >[< >]n [00108]
           <bethg> r(evolution)
           <mez> sorry?
           <PbN>                       , .n setc :passwd-l ' kill-f [00107]
           <PbN>                n t < > . faq :// . . / / . . ii1.a [00106]
           <steve_d> happenstance in cookie
    [1227] <bethg> its irc commands, tom.
           <PbN>                           vo .clean- .e s o .a sop [00105]
           <bethg> mmnn..cookies, yes please
           <steve_d> drooling dope speakeasy
           <bethg> gimme three.
           <PbN>                           -mlocku -set< >mlock< >t [00104]
           <etree> here's a fig newton
           <steve_d> or deodorant earthling
           <Surd> Part of the idea of Defib is not just to chat of the work
            and the scene but as always to look into the very now of what
            we do, like now
           <mez> also, the hidden /msg, the further layering b-hind the
            [circuit] board, the wurdic wiring....
           <PbN>                                     .t all , .y uo [00103]
           * bethg thanks everdeen
    [1228] <steve_d> eggs double ditto a polo
           <tomb> yes, but how input?
           <etree> *everdeen brushes a few crumbs away
           <PbN>                                     ify n s .y n s [00102]
           <steve_d> dolour doggone dolour
           <mez> sure jim, i use irc logs in my emailed performance work,
            though not as performative as this...
           <Surd> Tom?
           <PbN>                    n s , n s identify .EXAMPLE:/ n [00101]
           <bethg> here in teh now?
           <steve_d> la dryer la dollar
           <tomb> does it matter?
           <PbN>                           s .a , .t, w - , .y ' .y [00100]
    [1229] <Surd> Does what matter, Tom?
           <steve_d> dollar tv dynamo
           <tomb> what i say
           <PbN>                                .7.f n a ( drop-d a [00099]
           <Surd> Matter to whom?
           <steve_d> signal aglitter signal
           <bethg> why of course it matters, tom.
           <PbN>                                       , .EXAMPLE:/ [00098]
           <tomb> th ecode
           <bethg> gee, otherwise we are all just talking to ourselves.
           * mez thinks all wurds r preciouz, all wurd create the
            structure, the inter-weavin process
           <steve_d> either stone a crater
           <PbN>                                 .del- ' v o .list- [00097]
    [1230] <PbN>                                       v o , .wipe- [00096]
           * bethg looks in wonder at mezs' wurdskin.
           <PbN>                     add*! @*. . / c s uop# del2/ c [00095]
           <steve_d> eager eat panic eat
           * mez is n-tizzypatin 1 pozzible endpointte, the reachin of the
            zerohed state, the [00000]
           <PbN>                         pe-aop< >cleanm a o .o sop [00094]
    [1231] <etree> mez-tizzy
           <Surd> Well there is the frame, Tom, which has its say before
            ours or frames our say, and we should know what the frame says
            we say, but then there is what we say...
           <steve_d> earth snowhole foe snowhole
           <PbN>                                 o uo ,vo ,ao .p :t [00093]
           <bethg> 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
           * mez follows Beth's gaze, and forms the word smile b-neath her
            shimmerskin, lettahs breaking N reformin...
           <tomb> right
           <PbN>                                   >< >< >w c .m .t [00092]
           <etree> beth impatient runs ahread
           <steve_d> gecko gecko neo neo
           <PbN>                             ident-f opguard-o a /s [00091]
    [1232] * bethg always wants to see whats over the hill
           <steve_d> glyph glyph gauge bouy
           <PbN>                                     .EXAMPLE:/ c s [00090]
           <PbN>                                        ao /so ' .a [00089]
           <etree> beth needs bear to travel wit
           <Surd> Rub a dub dub, eight webarterites in a tub
           <mez> _________________<><> wurd collective .makez
            .transcriptingz [00092]
           <steve_d> gauge bouy go colder go
           <PbN>          t# opguard c -topiclocku -set< >topiclock [00088]
    [1233] * bethg offeres more coffee?
           <PbN>                       .au -set< >url< >u url.t url [00087]
           <steve_d> caracas com beta telex glib
           <Surd> Just got some myself luv, thanks.
           <PbN>                  c s .u >list-akick< >wipem a k .i [00086]
           <PbN>                                ,add del akick so , [00085]
           <mez> _____________Thyme# opinionsguard collapsing -topiclocks
            N tick -set the timez<topic m b [00088]
    [1234] <steve_d> glib goodies independence
           <PbN>             k .EXAMPLE:/ c s akick# addj u !*@*/ c [00084]
           * bethg asks steve..naw..he obviously has had too much.
           * mez is ztill her tea, but thanx beth:)
           <PbN>                              :register-r set-c , k [00083]
           <steve_d> goodies independence grammar
           <PbN>                             ghost-t drop-d .t - .y [00082]
           * bethg loves good tea, peers in mez's cup
    [1235] <etree> grammar in her rockin chair
           <steve_d> grammar gregorian world at
           <PbN>           accessadd< @ >-accessdel< @ >-accesswipe [00081]
           <mez> ___________________________________:repitition-remote
            set-seepage , a-oh-k [00083]
           <tomb> i have to go and take my daughter to work
           <PbN>                      .i , .y ,infousage-info< >i , [00080]
           <Surd> Defib frame: people thinking out loud together about
  , the together part...?
           <steve_d> gregorian gallivant at
           <Surd> Thanks for being here, Tom.
           <PbN>                                   accusage-acc< >a [00079]
           <bethg> everdeen, type  "/me..then dialogue" with out the ""s
    [1236] <tomb> bye all
           *** tomb has left #defib
           <bethg> bye tom!
           <PbN>                        >p :n ua d f e i g d p n /h [00078]
           <steve_d> gallivant heaven heaven
           <PbN>                                    -help< - >t c s [00077]
           <mez> r u commenting about the x-clusion facktor of the bride
           <PbN>                , .EXAMPLE :/ c s aop# add / c s ao [00076]
    [1237] <Surd> I don't understand, Mez.
           <steve_d> hidden hidden hooray hooray
           <PbN>                    c s .trc(pc) (pc)i (m )i u , ii [00075]
           <bethg> mez, could you tell us some about htis?
           <PbN>    itemdeopmkickunbancountwhyEXAMPLE:/ c s h / c s [00074]
           <mez> when u refurr 2 the together part of the talking about
  , thort u mighta been qzioning the dialogue/multilogue
           <steve_d> itch together jargonize
           <PbN>                    p# add*! @*. . / c s aop# del2/ [00073]
    [1238] <mez> beth>>sorry, about wot?
           <steve_d> aloha a summer aloha a jfk
           <PbN>                           set< >opguard[on|off]i , [00072]
           <Surd> Well, reading this text, I read 'together' and 'alone'
           <bethg> du champs work.
           <PbN>                                   .EXAMPLE:/ c s # [00071]
           <steve_d> alaska central zoomed
           <PbN>                              p .EXAMPLE:/ c s why# [00070]
    [1239] <Surd> What is the dialogue/multilogue aspect of Duchamp's work?
           <steve_d> zoomed megadeath jelled yin
           <PbN>                                .w , .EXAMPLE:/ n s [00069]
           <bethg> e if you type   "/me and then a dialogue" it comes thru
            as a narrative line.
           * etree and then a dialogue
           <PbN>                         ' !y , e , .c v w v ircc v [00068]
           * etree laughes
           <mez> shore, me 2, but alzo a third and n-finite option i guezz,
            in that it transcendz the reader/interactor x-perience, we r
            left to make our own choicez as how to respond...without the
            confort of the buffered chat conventions or the comfortability
            of s-tablished cuez...
           <steve_d> or jelled yin or indirect v
           * randy randy scratches his head
           <randy> oops
           <PbN>                           .i , .t sop-s register-s [00067]
    [1240] * bethg tickles etree, grins.
           <steve_d> jolting eros jolting eros joy
           <PbN>                aop# cleanc -sopusage-sop< >add< >- [00066]
           * etree squirms and squiggles
           <PbN>                    .b drop must ao .add- ' a k .de [00065]
           * bethg says randy has a lovely echo:o)
           <steve_d> fm joy fm joyce ergo apple
           * etree palms one of bethie's cookies
           <mez> hmm...dia/multilogue of duchampz wurk? not really sure
            myself, but i'd specualte the x-tended purrceptual nuanez,
            presenting N audience with ending meaning pozzabilitiez,
           <PbN>                     >]l .ta , , @ ( ).i / # ' !i , [00064]
    [1241] <steve_d> juleps aerie juleps aerie
           * bethg offeres mez more cookies with her tea.
           <PbN>               s uop# list/ c s uop# wipe/ c s uop# [00063]
           <PbN>                                    .list- s o , .w [00062]
           <steve_d> gaga gaga alone alone
           * mez chompz em down, in b-tween her textwurd flows n spillz
           <mez> thx beth:)
           <PbN>                         akick ,l- ' a k .list- a k [00061]
    [1242] <steve_d> cadillacs territory cadillacs
           <bethg> welcome, mez:o)
           <Surd> Yes, Defib stripped bare of the usual chat
           <PbN>                         s o , -whyusage-why< >< >t [00060]
           <etree> mezo-oic?
           <PbN>            i w c s .c c .y .EXAMPLE:/ n s i n bc - [00059]
           <mez> ehehh sure:)
           <steve_d> territory milk marshes milk
           <mez> etree>>ohh eye see:)
           * bethg offeres cookies to steve to go with his milk.
           <PbN>                            >m a l (1)i n s acc< >i [00058]
           <steve_d> marshes earthen earthen
    [1243] <Surd> Duchamp frame environment location
           <PbN>               .j c .ac -voiceusage-voice< >< >y vo [00057]
           <Surd> writing reading now later
           <steve_d> freezer freezer gherkin
           * bethg just got mezo-oic:o)
           <PbN>                   >e ,< >t n s .yym p p n :y i n s [00056]
           <etree> beth>> why do you want steve to take his milk and go????
           * mez watches n ab.sorbs the coundownesque, commandz crackelle
            N buffering
           <PbN>                           , n s .i ' .t w - . .t / [00055]
           <Surd> performance participation meta perspective
           <steve_d> synapse kimono kits hokey
    [1244] <PbN>                      >del< >-uop< >list-uop< >wipe [00054]
           * bethg doesnt want steve to go...
           <steve_d> kits hokey kitty kitty
           <PbN>               list , u o .t s .tf]i , ao /so /vo ' [00053]
           <PbN>              -set< >restrict[on|off]u ao /so /vo ' [00052]
    [1245] <steve_d> kabob spot kabob spot
           <Surd> making thinking threads together alone
           <PbN>          r .e krict c -founderu -set< >founder< >u [00051]
           <PbN>                         w p c -dropusage-drop<# >t [00050]
           <bethg> cats cradles.
           * etree waving bubble-gum cigar....i never meta prospective
            i didn'tlike
           <steve_d> pacific kola junk kola
           <PbN>              ( + ).u -unbanusage-unban< >[me|all]w [00049]
    [1246] *** Surd2 has joined #defib
           <PbN>                               , , , , vo .p :t 250 [00048]
           <steve_d> cry spot cry scarlet
           <mez> jim wot happened?
           <PbN>               p# del3/ c s sop# list/ c s sop# wip [00047]
           * etree holds out string to beth
           <PbN>             - .a - :mlock-l topiclock-p keeptopic- [00046]
           <Surd2> doubling up
    [1247] <steve_d> a visceral jade jade
           <PbN>            .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# [00045]
           * mez is currently viewing a reproduc[t tape]tion ov the
            painting in qz...
           *** nihil__ has joined #defib
           <mez> 'lo nihil
           <steve_d> la la lazarus oprah
           <PbN>                             uop .EXAMPLE:/ c s a # [00044]
           <nihil__> hi
           <PbN>                            >-akick< >del< >-akick< [00043]
    [1248] * bethg takes the string a nd plays with it.
           <etree> medium nihil :)
           <mez> surd>>ok, thort u musta got dropped
           <steve_d> lazarus oprah junk look
           <PbN>                              c s acc .t w p .i ' , [00042]
           <Surd> Still in the dinghy, luv
           <PbN>      c 3.u ircn , d 4.u s , .3.t / . - . 4.o , / # [00041]
           <nihil__> not medium...
           <steve_d> get or look or lace lo lace
           <Surd> What do you see in the painting, Mez?
           <PbN>            set-a identify-h >wipe-vop< >cleanm v o [00040]
    [1249] <steve_d> lo midwest midwest lumber
           <PbN>                              .t vo /- u o , .wipe- [00039]
           *** nihil__ has left #defib
           * bethg thinks about teh Nile.
           <mez> from a duchamp site
           <mez> ::
           <mez> Its full title is La Mariee mise a nu par ses
            celibataires, meme, or The Bride Stripped Bare by Her
            Bachelors, Even. Note the "Even." This sly adverb, thrown
            in to
           <PbN>                        >del< >-aop< >list-aop< >wi [00038]
           <mez> discourage literal readings, has also been subjected to
            endless analysis. One explanation is that it should be read as
            a pun on "m'aime," meaning "loves me"--that is to
           <mez> say, the bride being stripped by these anonymous
            bachelors really loves Marcel Duchamp. The tribe can't resist
            looking for clues to the man in such discoveries, but
           <mez> Duchamp alw
           <steve_d> leaves is leaves is lcd
           <PbN>             .c s .t c s .i c -accusage-acc<# >< >t [00037]
    [1250] <mez> Duchamp always maintained that his odd little adverb had
            no meaning whatsoever, that it was just "fun and poetry in my
            own way," that "the word meme came to me
           <mez> without even looking for it." It was simply a humorous
            aside, something like the "already" in "enough, already."
           <PbN>                             .m (+ ) .EXAMPLE:/ c s [00036]
           <steve_d> lcd like crosschecked like
           <PbN>           t.EXAMPLE:/ c s m # c -mkickusage-mkick< [00035]
           <PbN>             *!*@*( ), + ( ).t url c irc , : i .o , [00034]
           *** randy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
    [1251] <mez> The mechanico-erotic language of the notes on the bride
            has no visual counterpart in The Large Glass itself. In fact,
            the upper glass panel that is the bride's domain
           <mez> shows nothing that even remotely suggests female anatomy,
            clothed or unclothed. What we see instead is a group of
            abstract, vaguely insectile shapes on the
           <mez> left-hand side, connected to a large cloudlike form that
            stretches all the way across the top. Each element on the left
            has a name, although even today, after seventy
           <mez> years of study and
           <steve_d> limewater vines vines lunar
           <PbN>                        , < >2.y .a :info-g uop-u , [00033]
           <mez> [shood i stop now?]
           <bethg> no..
           <Surd> Then there's Ted's taking the 'm' apart into an 'r' and
            an 'n' to make Modern Bride.
           <etree> no no go on on
           <PbN>                          uo / ' , uo list.p :t 250 [00032]
           <steve_d> border lunar border lockout
           <PbN>                                    s # c -set< - > [00031]
    [1252] <etree> seventy years are little room
           <PbN>            .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# ident c -opguardu - [00030]
           <mez> after seventy
           <mez> years of study and conjecture, it is hard to pin down
            exactly which is which. The large form at the top left is the
            pendu femelle, a decidedly unglamorous term
           <mez> meaning "hanging female object"; close examination
            shows that it does indeed hang from a painted hook at the top
            of the Glass.
           <steve_d> lockout landscape landscape
           *** randy has joined #defib
           <PbN>                                .y uop .EXAMPLE:/ c [00029]
           <mez> Underneath that is a motor with quite
           <mez> feeble cylinders and its reservoir of love gasoline,
            a sort of timid-power, or automobiline, which, as you will
            recall, is secreted from the bride's sexual glands. Just to
           <mez> the right of these forms lies the wasp, or sex cylinder,
            a flask-shaped object that narrows at the top and is capped by
            a pair of snail-like antennae.
           <steve_d> mailbox u do mailbox u mal
           <PbN>       , .wipe- a s akick# add*! @*. . / c s akick# [00028]
           <mez> Under that is the
           <mez> diagonal, sticklike shape of the desire-magneto--at least,
            I think it is the desire-magneto; others have located this
            vital organ elsewhere in the assembly. Just how all
           <mez> these elements combine to produce the two-stroke
            internal combustion cycle is not really clear to me nor, I
            believe, to anyone else, and I do not think that Duchamp
           <mez> meant it to be. The whole process, as he wrote, is
            unanalyzable by logic, and it would not hurt us at this point
            to suspend our disbelief by a few more notc
    [1253] <steve_d> manifolded malamute
           <mez> [that last word shood B notches:)]
           <PbN>                           c -opusage-op< >< >w ( ) [00027]
           <mez> read the rest at:
           <PbN>                       .w ' ao so .t a o .EXAMPLE:/ [00026]
           <steve_d> unforgettable malamute
           <bethg> suspension of disbelief disolves time.
           <PbN>                            >y .t mlock + .y .l a o [00025]
    [1254] *** billseye has joined #defib
           <steve_d> unforgettable mario
           <mez> heya bill!
           <PbN>                     >]< >t n se-ghost< >< >i , , i [00024]
           <bethg> its bill marsh!
           <bethg> hi bill!
           <PbN>                      irc .y ' / . .y ' w i d , j . [00023]
           <billseye> hi all -- sorry late -- has ted caused any trouble
           <steve_d> meandering meandering
           <PbN>          .i , d w . . / . . (pc)1.o 2.g irc|n ircs [00022]
           <mez> eheh he's doing it right as we text:)
    [1255] <billseye> i see!
           <steve_d> megatons hairsplitter
           <Surd> "He also insisted that it was not a picture. In one of
            the working notes that he collected and published in The Green
            Box, Duchamp refers to it as a "delay." Use "delay" instead
            of picture or painting ... It's merely a way of succeeding in
            no longer thinking that the thing in question is a picture--to
            make a delay of it in the most general way possible, not so
            much in the different meanings in which delay can be taken,
            but rather in their indecisive reunion. "
           <bethg> ted is in the machine.
           <PbN>                  uo .clean- clean wipe.s add delao [00021]
           <steve_d> myriad hairsplitter
           <PbN>                           , .EXAMPLE :/ n s access [00020]
           <mez> ooh, so delay is imp?
           <bethg> steve is a poem today.
           <steve_d> flash mishap flash world
           <PbN>                                , irc .t( ).t w d j [00019]
    [1256] <bethg> mez is cluing us in.
           <Surd> irc delay chat yes no
           <PbN>                      . . / / . .c s h c -helpusage [00018]
           <steve_d> modus world moonshot
           *** rock99 has joined #defib
           <mez> mebbe the delay od spacez, the chat b-tween the linez, the
            stuff N stick of the irc mechanizm itzelf [ ie wurds/
           <bethg> everdeen(etree) and randy are writers from trace.
           <PbN>  uo .p :t 250 .EXAMPLE :/ c s uop# addt / c s uop# [00017]
           <steve_d> poor moonshot poor moon
           <PbN>              s o .del- ' s o , please ! c s acc .t [00016]
    [1257] <mez> lo randy & etree trAce writers:)
           <billseye> access please
           <bethg> rock 99 i dont believe i know...?
           <Surd> There is a delay for me between really understanding
            these texts and doing the texts themselves live...
           <PbN>                     , ' , , 250 sop .add-s , ' , o [00015]
           <steve_d> deadline motor deadline
           <bethg> from new york!
           <PbN>                       y .a , - !e :/ c s # a c / c [00014]
           <billseye> custom style
           <steve_d> misfit power misfit
           <mez> jim>>sure, alzo the whirr ov partciapation N flight as
            compared 2 absorbtion
           <PbN>                  < / >t c .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# rest [00013]
           <etree> mezlo :)
    [1258] *** rock99 has left #defib
           <steve_d> power_christ junk_christ
           <bethg> de-nile was here awhileago..
           <PbN>                    c s identify .EXAMPLE:/ c s d # [00012]
           <mez> [gawd my typohz r bad today!!ape.ologeez all]
           <billseye> party like it's rock99
           <Surd> Sometimes I read a line and don't know what it's in
            response to...
           <steve_d> junk mumbling bit mask
           <PbN>       .yill access-c ide .EXAMPLE :/ n s registerm [00011]
           <bethg> my typosare always bad.;o)
           <mez> Moving to the lower half of the Glass, the domain of the
            bachelors, we come into a very different world. The forms here
            are precisely drawn and not a bit abstract,
           <mez> and their functions are spelled out in terms that often
            sound pitying or contemptuous. While the principal forms of the
            bride, according to Duchamp, are more or less
           <mez> large or small, the forms of the bachelor machine are
            mensurable, and their relative positions on the glass have
            been plotted according to old-fashioned
           <mez> vanishing-point perspectiv
           <Surd> Today that association of lines is cut up...
           <etree> if they were good, would they be typos?
           <billseye> :/
           <steve_d> mumbling bit mask myths
           <PbN>                 t , .y .t .y c s>t .i , ident ' .t [00010]
    [1259] <PbN>                       ,|o , a 3.f d , d 4.f ircs , [00009]
           <steve_d> myths name in melamine
           * mez thinks we purr.hapz, r rel.e.gated to the role of the chat
           <PbN>                                , , , uop .add- u o [00008]
           <billseye> this is like a Cage performance -- i think -- never
            seen/heard one
           <steve_d> sunbeam melamine sunbeam
           <Surd> Howso? What is that role?
           *** galpal has joined #defib
           <etree> purr.hapz...le chat bachelor?
           <PbN>                     usage-helpset< - >a >< >t i .i [00007]
    [1300] <steve_d> undecked undecked myopia
           <PbN>                         ,n s , ' ' .h . .k m s c s [00006]
           <mez> etree>>ah, well mebbe not typohz, more typeez?
           <PbN>                             , n s ' 2 .t list.t .t [00005]
           <billseye> type tease
           <steve_d> myopia aftermath ocean
           <etree> typeezily breezily freezily
           <galpal> hi ppl
           <bethg> hehehe..type tease.
           <steve_d> avouch hazchem sri avouch
           <Surd> What Mez does with the word Ted is doing with the chat?
           <PbN>                    dd*! @*. . / c s vop# del2/ c s [00004]
           <etree> < vereeee fond of eeeeeee
           *** galpal has left #defib
    [1301] <PbN>                  ao .clean- .a ,ipe- so .clean- so [00003]
           <etree> a tease touch typiest
           <steve_d> hazchem sri oh browser
           <billseye> mez is literal -- ted metaphorical
           <PbN>                                                PbN [00001]
    [1302] <bethg> thats very good...t t t..
           <mez> surd/jim>>i like the comparison, thou i think this is
            more n-cloosive than my approach, though that cood b veri
           <etree> mez is litoral shorlee?
           <Surd> I mean the way Mez mauls e so well
           <steve_d> world oh biggest world
           <PbN>           (V) e < ++ /\ |V ! < /\ |_ |3 |7. ! |> e
           <mez> thx:)
           <steve_d> ear an onrush ear another
           <bethg> or very objective?
    [1303] <mez> 1 of the last emailed performance piecez i pozted [ the
            LOGGIN IN2 NET.WURK] was N ah.[grand]malgum of the irc log of
            my trAce chat/workshop...
           <bethg> is the machine objective?
           <steve_d> another dazed candy world
           <PbN> Hi all -- and thank you so much for being at the wedding!
           *** reiner has joined #defib
           <mez> bethg>>far phaaaar from it:)
           <mez> reiner!! helloha!
           <bethg> re!
           <Surd> Hey Ted!
    [1304] <bethg> hi ted!
           <reiner> hi -
           <steve_d> portable parent portable
           <PbN> Jim, hello Re:
           <bethg> mez..:o)
           <PbN> And thank you, Steve, for all the cool feedback
           <steve_d> pinball planets world
           <etree> it was a lovely ceremony
           * mez wonduhz if the mechanical bride has now wound [N scar]
           <PbN> Thanks for waking early, Mez!
           * etree dapping eyes with hankie
           <bethg> steve is a wonderous loop, is he not?
           <mez> no prob ted:)
           <steve_d> at phooey iwo potpie home
    [1305] <Surd> Thank you, Ted.
           <PbN> Comments, questions, accusations...
           * bethg waiting for the bride to throw the bouquet..
           <steve_d> potpie home at pink fin pink
           *** randy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
           <Surd> The wedding of chat and destruction.
    [1306] <mez> i liked the x-clusion/n-clusion ass.pect, nicely
            woven ted...
           <Surd> Re-examination
           <steve_d> return insert missort repack
           <bethg> or deconstruction?
           <mez> alzo the anticipation value....
           <steve_d> missort rick rack rick
           <PbN> ( thanks beth, bill... and Surd2, too
           <mez> re/deconstructkion....
           <Surd> Yes, deconstruction...
    [1307] <steve_d> nearness resale at your house
           * PbN throws boquet and a box of rice
           <bethg> restructure
           <Surd> ehehe
           * bethg hit by the box of rice..ouch.
           <PbN> oops
           * etree hands beth an ice cube
           <steve_d> rose shell central gizmo
    [1308] <bethg> its ok..i'll be fine after the swelling goes down.
           <mez> the trace chat with jen lee is about 2 start... haveta
            get over there...thanx ted for the performance, well done!
           <mez> bi bi all:)
           <etree> bimez
           <bethg> bi mez!
           <PbN> Hey, folks... it was fun... hope you enjoyed!
           <bethg> see you there.
           *** mez has left #defib
           <reiner> bibimez
           <PbN> Thank you MEZ!
           <bethg> yep yep ted!
           <bethg> thanks!
           <etree> thanks :))
           <bethg> re you missed the wedding
           <Surd> the boquet is caught in the machine and sprays
            out glittering fairy dust which sprinkles all
           <steve_d> dome green at scene online no
           <bethg> and it was so lovely.
    [1309] * bethg sniffs.
           <reiner> yes - seems to .... sorry to be --- toooo late
           <PbN> No prob, Re -- wedding photos up soon
           <steve_d> being sea being set set strata
           * etree hands bethge a hankie
           * bethg thanks everdeen
           <steve_d> santa il santa il sue sal sue
           * bethg always cries at weddings
           * Surd One confused minister
    [1310] * bethg thanks the miister for a lovely service.
           <steve_d> super is super is starlight
           <PbN> Ok -- work to do -- thank you ALL again so very much!
           <Surd> Yes, thanks to all.
           <bethg> see ya ted, in the stream!
           <steve_d> hypertext starlight hypertext
           <reiner> cu - ted
           <billseye> off to England me-self -- always a trip, ted
           *** billseye has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
           <bethg> i'm headed over to trace caht room, see jenn..
    [1311] <steve_d> theatre theatre therefrom
           <PbN> Poem by Nari has left the building...
           <Surd> Thanks, Steve.
           <bethg> everdeen, do you have time?
           <etree> and sage and rosemary
           <etree> :)
           <bethg> to go to trace, jenn is on line there, should be
           <bethg> Jim?
           <bethg> reiner?
           <Surd> yes, I'll go to trace
           <bethg> steve?
           <etree> will wander over beth....
    [1312] <reiner> will look there ---- the defib doors seems to
            close --- after wedding.s
           <steve_d> will go to trace - what durections?
           <bethg> pbn fans storm the exit..
           *** Surd2 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
           <bethg> uh..
    [1313] <Surd>
           <steve_d> thx, beth
           <Surd> Chat is on the menu.
           <bethg> yes, thanks jim.
           <bethg> yep.
           <steve_d> cheers, jim
           <bethg> see you all there...
           <bethg> bye!
           <Surd> cool...
           <etree> byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
           *** etree has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
           *** bethg has left #defib
           <reiner> ciao - ted and all .............. lalalalalal
    [1314] <Surd> Thanks Reiner... Steve, PbN...
           *** reiner has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
           <steve_d> ted, hope you didn't mind me joining in ...
           <Surd> No, that was great, dialogue of sorts with you
            and Ted...
    [1315] <Surd> Should be an interesting text...
           *** steve_d has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
           *** Surd has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
           *** Disconnected
    Sunday 12 March 2000
    1200 PST 2000 GMT